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My 30 plus year career in Higher Education, my entrepreneurial skills, commitment to social and economic justice, ability to communicate, a commitment to the arts and to the environment will provide the basis for my campaign. I will do my best to listen to and represent my neighbors and all the residents of the 102. I have the desire, encouragement and time to devote to them and to being the Representative they deserve.

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This is a very exciting time for voters in the 102nd because they have an opportunity to vote for change. The Kansas I knew growing up was forward thinking, progressive and rational.

I have spoken with hundreds of residents in the 102 about their future. They want change. They know that change is the right thing to do, not just for the individuals who need it—but for our community.

I heard concerns about the economy, funding cuts to education, being taxed disproportionately and the need to care for our elderly, disabled and special needs citizens. They want opportunity, to be listened to and to have their representative focus on solving problems, rather than partisan bickering. They believe our state has taken so much time on issues that do not reflect the issues of the public. Addressing these risks is not only the right thing to do it is also the moral thing to do.

They want jobs which provide a living wage, access to affordable quality health care and adequate funding for our schools. They support new businesses, quality housing and an economy that includes everyone.

I am committed to ideas and ideals that are greater than any one individual. I am committed to the people. This election is about you, about our district and the future of Kansas.

I believe in healthy conflict resolution and keeping myself open to change. Too often acceptance depends on whether or not I am just like you.  Embracing difference is what makes us strong. We need to get beyond those differences and embrace what makes us united.

We are a state made up of Conservatives, Moderates, Liberals, Republicans & Democrats, Libertarians and Unaffiliated.   We need to work together. We need to be kinder and gentler. We need people who are committed to change.

Your vote will help make our community a better place to live no matter your belief or party. This is why I am seeking your support and vote.

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Sheila Bisbee - State Fair Volunteer Extraordinaire! She is at the State Fair Tent each day from 10 - 1. I hope she doesn't get tired of hanging around the candidate! It's people like her that are the core of this campaign. The Campaign Tent is located on Lake Talbott Ave which is behind the Domestic Arts building and a few spaces to the East. Stop by and say hello and get a campaign sticker to wear. It looks like the yard sign! ... See MoreSee Less

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Volunteers Needed: Information Tent at Kansas State Fair

Let me know your availability to help and I'll add you to the schedule. I will provide you with a gate ticket for admission.

I am having a tent at the State Fair to meet voters, have them complete an Advanced Ballot application and register to vote if not registered. The Fair attracts people from all over the state; however, voters from the 102 District where I am the candidate for the Kansas House will be there too. Help me turn out the vote in the 102 and across the state!
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